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The reason The Lonely Hour show sounds so good has everything to do with audio producer, Chris McLeod. Only someone who is as immersed in the podcast universe as Chris is (he also produces Masters of Scale, hosted by legendary Silicon Valley investor Reid Hoffman) can make this show sing!

Then there's the look of The Lonely Hour, which is all Payton Cosell Turner's doing. The co-founder of design studio Flat Vernacular and an illustrator, Payton is supremely talented (she created our logo, she makes all of our original episode art, and more) and we're very lucky to have her vision applied to this show. Both Chris and Payton need to be paid for their work, and that's why we're set up this Patreon. Please help them help us keep the show going! Support us at

Thank you for your generosity, and for believing in this project.