What does loneliness mean?

This show aims, in part, to explore that question. So tell us, what does loneliness mean to you? Leave us a voicemail with your definition at (415) 663-5901—that’s 41LONELY01. You can also record your thoughts as a voice memo and email the MP3 file to lonelyhourpodcast@gmail.com. (Just make sure to include your name and an email address so we can get back to you, because we may use what you said in a future episode.) Here are some answers so far:

Matt Gross: “There’s a kind of inevitability to loneliness.”

Jamie Feldmar: “Loneliness is a proof point, in some ways, of humanity. It’s proof that you’re capable of human emotion.” 

Rachel Mennies: "It is not something that I would say we must avoid."

Stephen Satterfield: "Being alone is something that can be relished, especially in a society that is increasingly connected and together."

Charlotte Druckman: "I think of loneliness as a form of feeling unmoored somehow…without a sense of home."

Now, we want to talk to you! 

Leave us a voicemail with at (415) 663-5901—that’s 41LONELY01.